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Eddie's Move to Providence's Journal

10th July, 2002. 5:14 pm.(edmcbride)

Been along time since I posted to this, but I am on my way to Rhode Island with a visa!

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7th December, 2001. 2:06 pm.(edmcbride)

Its Ticket Day!!!!!!

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1st November, 2001. 12:38 am.(edmcbride)

hey babe,

going through some crap and i found a book of matched from the old bailif.

*happy memories*

Current mood: thoughtful.

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28th October, 2001. 8:10 pm.(edmcbride)

I miss you.
I wish I was there to watch tv with you.
I wish I could snuggle with you right now.
I love you

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22nd October, 2001. 4:43 pm.(edmcbride)

Well new sort of plan ( just waiting for neal to approve)

i may be going home for christmas then on to Providence. thats cool cause i have not seen friends up there for about 3 years.

more to come

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21st October, 2001. 5:17 pm. Travel info(edmcbride)

I was poking around the web, and an idea struck me: Amtrak. Why don't I see what I can dig up on that.

Edmonton to St. Paul MN - December 13th - $350ish (ick)
St. Paul MN to Providence RI - Dec. 13-14 - $150ish (ick) ((amtrak))

Just a thought. Maybe we can wrangle something togehter.

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21st October, 2001. 5:15 pm. New Update(edmcbride)

This is the journal for Eddie's trip to see Crystal. I will be there for the 10th of September to the 24th.

This Journal will be used to document places where I'd like to take Crystal. And anything I can think of at the times, includeing questions, website links and the such.

This is the "civilian" site for the ed_n_chicky official technical site. This is where we can put flight info, ideas on flight info and the such.

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4th October, 2001. 4:44 pm.(edmcbride)

I gotta go, babydoll:(

call me at 1:15 your time

i love you

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17th September, 2001. 10:09 pm.(edmcbride)

you might be hella busy.... and not replying to your emails, or yahoo is being a bitch again, but would it be easy for you to stop and buy some potato chips on the way home?
we'll have em for an appitizer

Current mood: hungry.

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9th September, 2001. 9:48 am.(edmcbride)


check this place out?

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